Instructors Guide Let's Talk About Boys Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Series for Teen Girls Participant Guide

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Let’s Talk About Boyz Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Series for tween & teen girls Instructors Guides gives you all the tools you need to implement a productive and successful series.  The series provides a fun filled yet educational 14 interactive session that engages girls in a comprehensive talk with hands on applications.

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Also, included are sessions that address the practice & importance of abstinence, the pervasiveness of sex trafficking awareness,
the profile of a rapist and the profile of a stalker.

• Appropriate dating etiquette & boundaries
• Emotional pitfalls of dating to young
• Safety that includes on and offline protocols
• Defining, identify and recognizing abuse.
• Building self esteem, positive self worth and image

The climate and cultural shifts that our tween and teen girls are exposed to have changed within the last 20 years...
  • • Girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence — almost triple the national average.

  • • Among female victims of intimate partner violence, 94% of those age 16-19 and 70% of those age 20-24 were victimized by a current or former boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • • Violent behavior typically begins between the ages of 12 and 18.

  • • The severity of intimate partner violence is often greater in cases where the pattern of abuse was established in adolescence.

  • • 1 in 5 women and 1 in 59 men in the United States is raped during his/her lifetime.

  • • 19.3 million women and 5.1 million men in the United States have been stalked.

  • • 66.2% of female stalking victims reported stalking by a current or former intimate partner.

  • • Intimate partner victimization is correlated with a higher rate of depression and suicidal behavior.

  • • Violent relationships in adolescence can have serious ramifications by putting the victims at higher risk for substance abuse, eating disorders, risky sexual behavior and further domestic violence.

  • • Being physically or sexually abused makes teen girls six times more likely to become pregnant and twice as likely to get a STI.

  • • Victims of intimate partner violence lose a total of 8,000,000 million days of paid work each year, theequivalent of 32,000 full-time jobs.

  • • Intimate partner violence is estimated to cost the US economy between $5.8 billion and $12.6 billion annually, up to 0.125% of the national gross domestic product.

  • • Between 21 60% of victims of intimate partner violence lose their jobs due to reasons stemming from theabuse.

  • • Between 2003 and 2008, 142 women were murdered in their workplace by former or current intimate partners. This amounts to 22% of workplace homicides among women.