Participant Guide Did God Forget About Me? Journey of Rebirth Domestic Violence Prevention for Women

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This dynamic domestic violence awareness and prevention series for Christian women takes you on an empowering & educational journey that offers applications centered around biblical principles, helps you identify your strengths, turn weaknesses into strengths, helps you tap into your passions and move beyond the hindrances of domestic violence.

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We sometimes find ourselves on what seems to be a journey of hopelessness. Especially when we are entwined in the turmoil of domestic violence of any form. At times that hopelessness of what appears a never ending battle can challenge our FAITH IN GOD. This hopelessness can sometimes question our belief in the Lord and at times make us wonder did God forget about me?

The Did God Forget About Me? A Spiritual Journey of Rebirth for Christian Women Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Series is an excellent tool that provides empowering substance to help women regain or continue in their belief in the Lord, by leaning on God regardless of the challenges faced in life and that His grace and mercy will always be there for us. Also, that according to His promise will not only be their for us (Isaiah 49:14-16), but through our trust and faith in Him simply believe that He can fight our battles, (2 Chronicles 20:17, Exodus 14:14, and Deuteronomy 20:4).

The series includes educational applications along with its biblical principles and related scriptures packaged with an effective and creative approach that addresses all forms of domestic violence (DV) such as; how to prevent DV before it happens, recognize behaviors associated with DV, myths associated with DV, effects associated with DV, coping suggestions and self esteem building applications.

Outside of its extraordinary educational and spiritual benefits the series is designed to encourage participants to engage in sensitive topics that they may desperately want to expound on which may otherwise be difficult to share. This series was created so that women can connect in support of one another express and release their thoughts, aspirations, testimonies and experiences without feeling judged or ashamed.

The intentional dynamic design of these beautifully bound guides also provides uplifting & motivational affirmations (reminding YOU that YOU are special) and personal enhancement applications with an intent to build self-esteem and self-worth.

As you relax & peruse through its user friendly guided process, you can enjoy this series as a collective experience with any group of women, one-on-one, independently or simply assign a designated instructor or group leader (e.g., minister) to facilitate - it is simply up to you. We even included a ministry lesson plan to keep you on point.

The series is structured in interchangeable sessions orchestrated by you, flexible enough to use all or part of each session, depending on participants needs, culture, pervasiveness of a specific form of abuse (e.g., human trafficking, stalking), at your own pace and in your own time. No prior teaching experience necessary and can be a useful essential for any practicing therapist or counselor.Series Features

Outside of the domestic violence educational component of this extraordinary series you receive a beautifully designed empowerment applications, affirmations, supporting scriptures that include but not limited to:

  • My Personal Empowerment Applications
  • My Personal Information
  • My Special Dates
  • Annual Goal Forecast
  • Personal Improvement Assessment
  • Personal Health Assessment
  • Habit Assessment
  • Education Assessment
  • Relationship Assessment

Instructors & Participants Guide/s will take you on a liberating journey to self discovery and personal empowerment that includes;

• Empowering 7 Step Principles with Supporting Scriptures
• Personal Growth Applications
• Journaling for Self Reflecting
• Platform for Discussions, Sharing & Releasing
• Prayer and Scriptures Applications
• Calendar & Appointment Log
• Address Book & Personal Website Log
• My Monthly Progress Report
• Resources
• Safety Planner for Getting Out

Phase 2 Cognizance Application

The benefits of this series will provide applications for each topic that will educate participants about domestic violence within alternating structured sessions. Topics include;

How to Cope and Move Beyond Domestic Violence
The Cycle of Violence in Domestic Abuse
Identifying a Non-Abusive Relationship
Signs of an Abusive Relationship Power of Control Wheel.
Relationship Traps
The Laws and Your Protection
Cycle of Violence Wheel
Sex Trafficking
Technology Safety & Social Networking Safety
Profile of a Rapist. Just to name a few...

Other series features include;

• Free Online Video Tutorials
• Follow along power point presentation/s to accompany all sessions with interchanging templates for added
• All material are based on a regulated guide of instruction.
• Measurable outcome evaluations are available with its pre and post questionnaire option.
• Flexible to adjust to culturally specific participants needs.
• All series will be translated 10 languages & Audio versions for the blind available.
• Series Syllabus
• Instructors Instruction Essentials
• Ministry Lesson Plans & Objectives and much more!

Additional Tools

• Instructors Forms
• Pre and Post Test
• Activity Suggestions
• Safety Measures & Exit Plan
• Prayer & Scriptures
• Templates
• Calendar & Task Manager
• Resources
• Certificate of Completion
• Real Men DV Survey Questionnaire
• Conflict Resolution Kit
• Help Resources